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Chemical Peels: Your Way to a New Face

Posted on August 29, 2017 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi, ladies, thank you for stopping by to read this blog. Today, I’m going to tell you about chemical peels, the celebs-loved procedure that helps your skin remain bright and flawless all the year round. A special chemical product is applied to the skin making it exfoliate its older discolored and wrinkled layer and let the newer regenerated skin out. At Nadya’s Skincare, we have peeling solutions for every skin type and every skin issue: light peels for light issues and medium and deep peels to address more serious skin conditions like scars, wrinkles, and severe pigmentation. I usually accompany every facial with a light peel (pumpkin and pineapple enzyme peels or lactic, glycolic, and salicylic ones) to meet specific needs of every unique skin.

Who needs chemical peels?

The procedure is especially beneficial when it comes to acne spots and scars, melasma, sun-damaged skin with hyperpigmentation, aging skin with wrinkles and crow’s feet. Unlike light peels that don’t require downtime, medium and deep peels can cause redness and irritation (2-7 days downtime) that will normally lessen with a correct follow-up care. If done professionally and with high-end chemical peel products, the procedure is absolutely safe and painless (you can only experience mild stinging sensations).

What products do I use?

I’ll tell you about the brands I love and trust. Firstly, it’s PCA SKIN, the American company that has been specializing in chemical peels and professional beauty products for more than 25 years. Their balanced formulas require minimum to no downtime. Another trusted brand is Xtetic World from Barcelona, Spain, which is very well-known in Europe and America.

Here are types of peels you can try at Nadya’s Skincare:

Bio C peel aka “red carpet peel” (Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé's favorite) is a gentle peel containing Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that brighten up the complexion, hydrate and rejuvenate the skin. This peel takes only 20 min to get it done, requires no downtime, and can be done even in summer.

Lightening peel containing vitamin A and acids (salicylic, phytic, lactic) helps even out pigmentation, fine wrinkles and treat mild acne. It is very superficial and requires 4-6 days downtime.

Cosmelan peel is a brightening product developed specifically for treating melasma and hyperpigmentation (dark patches) caused by hormone changes like (menopause or pregnancy) and sun exposure. Its active ingredients – azelaic and kojic acids – kill bacteria, even out skin and inhibit its melanin production. This peel is applied and left on the skin for up to 8 hours and requires a follow-up home care with secondary creams to help the skin heal itself.

Chemical peels benefits

The procedure helps exfoliate dead skin cells, brightens up acne spots and pigmentation, evens out acne scars, fine lines, and wrinkles. Whatever your skin condition is, at Nadya’s Skincare, we have peeling solutions for any kind of skin problem, no matter what your skin type and color are. If you are not sure that you are a good candidate for the chemical peel, please book a complimentary consultation and get what is best for your skin.

Microcurrent Anti-age Facial

Posted on July 15, 2017 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

How to Win the Battle with Time?

Hello, American beauties who dropped by to read this blog. With years, we become more and more concerned about how to look younger. And I’m sure many of you were wondering if it is possible to tame the age without taking the risk of all those drastic measures like surgeries, chemicals or injections? My answer is YES, and here is how it works.

Today, I’m going to talk to you about the microcurrent facial – the gentle and absolutely safe non-invasive anti-aging therapy that rejuvenates skin by lifting and firming face muscles.

What is microcurrent about?

With age, our skin starts to sag and look slack as some face muscles lose tone and become too weak and elongated over time while others – on the contrary – get too contracted and tensed due to our everyday facial expressions (that is why first signs of aging appear on the forehead and around the mouth). The microcurrent therapy uses low-level electrical impulses to trigger skin’s natural “rejuvenating” chemicals and rehabilitate aging muscles (tone up weak ones and relaxing contracted ones). As a result, face muscles get back to their younger state. The treatment is made with a device and a special conductive gel that helps these impulses penetrate deep into the skin and reach muscles.

Benefits of microcurrent facial

The microcurrent has 2 extremely important benefits that have to do with anti-aging therapy: it tones up face muscles lifting the skin in the eyebrow and jowl zone and improves penetration of anti-age products. So getting the microcurrent procedure during your facials increases the benefits you get from anti-age products tenfold. But besides that, the microcurrent treatment goes beyond anti-aging benefits and actually treats many age changes that make us feel upset:

• improves circulation and lymphatic drainage;

• boosts production of collagen, elastin, amino acids, and Adenosine Triphosphate (a source of energy that speeds cell repair);

• fights puffiness;

• evens out the face tone and tightens pores;

• smoothes fine lines and wrinkles;

• regulates sebum production, cures post-acne and helps prevent breakouts;

• treats sun damage.

My clients who have already tried the microcurrent procedure noticed the energizing effect on their complexion immediately after the facial. The skin looks dewy, bright, and full of energy; the dark circles under eyes disappear like they got a great rest. Fine lines diminish and cheeks and jawlines sculpt.

So the microcurrent gives immediate lifting effect, but just like your body needs multiple workouts in the gym to look stunning, your face will also need subsequent treatments to accumulate the lifting and other skin benefits.

Who can get the microcurrent treatment?

The most tremendous results are seen on ladies in their late 40s and 50s when signs of aging are present but they are still easily manageable. The procedure fits all skin types and conditions except for skin with pus acne (you need to get acne treatment first). The safety of the microcurrent is proven for people without serious health issues. So I also don’t recommend getting the treatment those ladies who use a cardiac pacemaker (or other implants) or have heart issues or cancer.

So, beauties, come in for the microcurrent facial and let’s turn back time a little bit together!

LED Light Therapy

Posted on June 28, 2017 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

How Red and Blue Lights Help Cure Breakouts

Hi to all the beauties who got a minute to read this blog. Today I want to talk to you about the LED light therapy and why it benefits you in so many ways. You must have already heard about using blue and red light in skin care. This technology has been used for years to clear up acne and rejuvenate skin, and it has proved to be very effective.

Why do I recommend adding light therapy to acne facials? Because the LED shows especially impressive results in acne treatment if combined with the European facial – when red and blue light are applied to a perfectly cleansed skin after extractions are made. Many celebrities have already tried and loved this easy and absolutely safe therapy that helps them boast glowy flawless complexion every day. I’ll tell you how you can achieve same stunning results by adding LED light therapy to your acne facials.

So, at first, what is LED light therapy and how do we use it at Nadya’s Skincare?

LED (stands for “light emitting diode”;) is a device that emits lights in different spectrums. In my experience, a red and a blue light and their combination are especially effective as a part of acne facial and rejuvenating treatment. The red light is known for its ability to rejuvenate cells by stimulating the production of collagen which promotes the growth of new tissue and helps address first signs of aging. Skin feels and looks much firmer and healthier as the red light increases its elasticity and visibly removes fine lines and wrinkles. But besides use in rejuvenation facial, red light is especially beneficial in acne treatment as it enhances circulation, tones up, soothes inflammation, and speeds healing. So combining the red light with the blue light, which helps kill acne-causing bacteria, during the European acne facial, we can achieve immediate visible results.

Why do I recommend adding LED Blue light to your acne facial?

Acne is usually caused by the bacteria called Propionibacterium acnes. These bacteria naturally produce porphyrins. When the infected skin is exposed to the blue LED light, these porphyrins absorb the light and produce singlet oxygen which is very toxic to the acne-causing bacteria. Doing such treatment is very beneficial during the European facial when the skin gets cleansed deeply and becomes more open to the action of antibacterial blue light. Color light therapy improves the result of acne facial as it closes the pores so bacteria don't spread, soothes redness (which is common after deep cleansing and peeling), and heals the skin 10 times faster.

When do you see the results?

Immediately after the LED facial, you’ll notice that your skin is perfectly smooth, clean, and glowing. You won’t experience redness, pain, or irritation of the skin from the extraction procedure due to the healing properties of the red light. There is no downtime, and no post-treatment procedures are required, so you can immediately get back to your work. But the most visible result is achieved within 2-3 days when you start noticing that acne spots become lighter, inflammation fades, and the skin looks plumper and less shiny. These effects are cumulative, so if you wish to get steady visible results in acne treatment, I recommend you to undergo 6-8 sessions (one treatment a week) of LED facials. Take care of your skin, ladies! Come and get your glow!

Acne Facial: How to Make It Work for You?

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

So, you have acne-prone skin and feel doomed to keep shelling out for tons of cosmetics and visits to an esthetician… Do you know that, in fact, with a correct and regular acne facial treatment, you can enhance your skin condition and even achieve a permanent (and enviable) glow? The acne facial at your esthetician is capable of much more than just a pampering and relaxing effect. Alternative facial techniques and high-end anti-acne treatment products help to clean the skin from inside and prevent future flare-ups of acne. However, anti-acne facials at the esthetician are only a part of a complex approach to the acne treatment. So I’m going to show you the whole picture.

At First, Why Do You Get Acne?

You wake up in the morning, look at your mirror and discover a new nasty intruder on your face. Your skin acts as a perfidious reflector of your lifestyle “fails”. A stress caused by a break up with a boyfriend, change of birth control pills, yesterday booze accompanied by piles of spicy snacks, bad fast-food habit, or hormonal breakout – your skin immediately betrays everything. Another reason that comes from outside is bacteria that can be transferred to your skin by towels, pillows, hats and everything that comes in contact, for example, a cell phone. Keep all of these things as sterile as possible; change towels and pillowcases every 2 days. If you want to achieve great results in acne treatment, correct your lifestyle in the first place and then, find an esthetician who has a proven track record in acne facials.

What must your Acne Facial Treatment consist of?

The state-of-the-art facial techniques enable you to approach the problem of acne from different angles. Luckily, you can get all of these benefits at a one-stop skincare place such as Nadya's Skincare in Los Angeles. Here is what you must have in your anti-acne treatment routine:

1. European facial. If you have acne-prone and oily skin, try European facial instead of your traditional one. Popular in Europe and adopted by most of the high-end spas in the USA, this kind of technique involves procedures that help to clean skin to its deepest layers and cure excessive oiliness, which, in turn, prevents future inflammations. How does the process look like? The esthetician thoroughly cleanses the skin of dead cells, debris, old makeup, and excess oil with exfoliating scrubs. Then she steams it, does the extractions of pore blockages and blackheads and finishes it all with a soothing and moisturizing massage. This acne facial can be effectively paired with blue LED light therapy that has shown great results in fighting pimples. After such a deep-down cleaning, your skin will look perfectly healthy and glowing. But to retain the result, you’ll need to come in for a facial every 2-4 weeks (depending on the skin condition).

2. Extractions aren’t a mandatory part of the European facial, but they are indispensable when it comes to acne treatment. They can be done manually or using vacuum devices, but here a huge risk hides. If done unprofessionally or with the wrong tools, this procedure can leave scars. So make sure the esthetician you entrust your skin with is educated and equipped.

3. Homework. Of course, the anti-acne treatment won’t be full without a home skin care routine with the use of right products recommended by your esthetician.



Why you should choose Organic Spray Tan and not UV beds or Sun

Posted on February 8, 2017 at 8:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Would you like to have a sexy bronze glow like the stars you see on the red carpet? Why not get an Organic spray tan. Spray tans offer many benefits. The most significant advantage being no exposure to UV radiation you’d get from laying in the sun for hours or a tanning bed.


Nowadays with the rise in cancer, it’s advised to be cautious with your health. Skin cancer had led all other cancers combined, for the last three decades. That’s a scary statistic. You want to keep your skin safe by avoiding tanning beds and direct sunlight.


Lack of UV Rays


Whenever you’re outside, you should always use the proper protection. Avoid both UVA and UVB rays at all costs. You can do that by wearing sunscreen, clothing that covers all your skin and a hat is always recommended. Sun exposure or exposure to (UV) ultraviolet radiation is the cause of premature aging.


Organic spray tans lead the spray tan industry. They offer many advantages traditional spray tanning can’t so be extra safe when choosing your tanning solution.


Do you suffer from dry skin, wrinkles, rashes or other skin problems? They’ll diminish with organic spray tans, because organic spray tans bind moisture in the skin, repairing skin cells damaged by the harsh sun. You’ll have protection from dried out skin, which typically occurs when using traditional spray tanning.


I’m sure you’re asking how. It’s simple. Organic spray tan solution is vegan – no harmful UV rays. There’s no alcohol, oil, synthetic colors, perfume or odors in the solution. Organic means all natural ingredients.


The best part is you’ll have a tan that lasts a long time and fades evenly, all while hydrating the skin. Another benefit with Organic spray tans is it disguises cellulite and blemishes. Your body will be evenly toned.


Tanning salons with tanning beds have been hit with new regulations. Sunscreens carry new warning labels, and yet the disease continues to surge.


Sunburns, moles and sun exposure increase your risk of melanoma. It’s rare you hear of a Hollywood star suffering from melanoma. Why? Because they don’t spend any time in the sun or tanning beds. They’re getting they’re body a sun-kissed appearance from spray tans.


Keep your body safe from melanoma. Get a slimmer looking body, while hiding any imperfections. Call for an appointment for an Organic Spray Tan. You won’t be disappointed.


Why and When you need to get a facial treatment

Posted on February 3, 2017 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Most looking to rejuvenate their skin and appear younger will opt for a European facial. The European methods have become popular in many high-end spas. Are you unsure what a European facial treatment entail or if it's the right choice for you, not to worry. European facials benefit almost any skin type. The procedure involves different cleansing techniques that aid in ridding acne and treating oily skin.

Your esthetician should know the proper tools to use and how to use them. The esthetician also needs to understand not all complexions are the same and different products and tools should be utilized for various skin types.

The importance of European Facials

Dermatologists recommend you get a facial every four to six weeks. The reason is the skin cells move through a full life cycle of cell growth in about 30 days. The cells make their way from the dermis up to the surface. At this point, they normally slough off. Thus, the reason you’ll want to catch the cells at the end of their life cycle.

Estheticians will agree.

Facial treatments offer loads of benefits for your skin. Some people need them more than others.


Benefits of a European facial include:

• Detoxifies your skin for improved circulation of the blood in your face and surrounding areas.

• A massage (who doesn't love a massage) of your neck, face, and shoulders.

• Reduces blemishes and age spots;

• Relaxes tension and reduces headaches between the eyes;

• Expert analysis from someone who understands different skin types and how to care for them.

• A scope for skin cancer (An experienced esthetician can identify changing moles and urge you to get skin cancer screenings.)

• Intensive hydration to repair the skin’s moisture barrier to keep skin looking plump and moist.

• Stress release.

• Help maintain youthful and healthy-looking skin.

• Professional guidance for your home care routine. (Including seasonal, environmental, hormonal and age-related changes occurring in the skin.)

• Professional strength exfoliation to smooth the skin, lighten discoloration from sun and breakouts.


When performed correctly, your treated skin will appear with a more youthful texture. You'll have uniform coloration, and it'll blend with your untreated skin.

Put your skin safety and face in the hands of a skin care profession. It's not only essential to your health; it will do wonders for your skin.